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Shhhh! This is about a startup and is under a non disclosure agreement. So I’m being kind of coy…

“Design Advocate has totally changed the game for us.

We were going to be doing a lot of work for every enquiry while funding it all ourselves. Now we only do work when we’ve made a booking, and the business will be self funding!”

Director and Founder

Proper Service without the legwork.

By linking seamlessly to a booking form from their current directory site I get customers accurate quotes and let them make a booking on the first touch.

  • Through process design I brought their revenue stream forward by two years.
  • Allowed the business to be self funding.
  • Removed time consuming manual work through automation.
  • Created a quote builder with clear pricing, bookings and accurate timescales.
  • Exceeded expectations by offering customisation options.
  • Built it cleverly to allow for reusability and scalability.

All done on the cheap using Jotform, conditional formatting and careful process design.

We now have the framework to launch in the UK. This will be honed to inform the full custom website build, CMS and CRM for a launch beyond the UK.

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