Content Design

Clean writing, clear benefits.

I reduced the word count by half on my demo docs, then used this to get our stakeholders on board.

Take the time to do the hard work. Optimise your content with Plain English. Make it easy to digest.

Save time for your business, users and customers.

Reduce your copy by a third or more.

“The content is already very strong. But seeing the old next to the new… It’s so much shorter… It will really help my users get the info they need.”

Colin Payne, Content Owner

Simple writing. Better Understanding.

I aimed to simplify content, add value and increase understanding and readability. I built the strategy by overhauling some of the most complex content and getting buy in from stakeholders. Showing existing and improved documents side by side made the improvements obvious.

With new titling and subtitling breaking up the content. By taking the time to make things simple I reduced the word count by half on our demo docs.

The Approach.

I used timings from our demo docs to create accurate timescales for overhauling all the content. Wrote the editorial guides for all of Help and Support. Created bespoke training for their authors and Subject Matter Experts. Went to work on the most popular content for each department. Then used this to give confidence to stakeholders and product owners up to Director level.

By managing workload closely and checking quality thoroughly we could rewrite and retrain where necessary.

The Plan.

Content was managed and prioritised by understanding it’s level of brokenness – using user feedback and completion rates. This was balanced by prioritising the most popular articles and processes. Making sure the highest value work was updated first.

When all was said and done, we’d reduced the word count by a third across the estate.

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