About Design Advocate

Who is Design Advocate?

I’m Gerard Crichton.

Bachelor of Design with Honours.

Trained as a Concept and Interdisciplinary Designer, I have spent over a decade transforming the business processes and customer journeys for Sky.

I always aim to:

  • make things easier to find, follow and read.
  • work with, and influence stakeholders and product owners up to director level.
  • prove the benefits of my work through demonstration and analytics.
  • constantly improve through user feedback.
  • create training courses and Train the Trainers.
  • leave your people supported with clear documentation.

I ask simple questions to build an understanding.

I discover the true potential of your systems. I push them to their limits.

Design is what I do.

I help understand the implications of decision making. I Scope the viability. I Remove unknowns.

I get into the weeds. I love a challenge. I make things easier for people.

I aim to delight you, your users and your customers.

I dig. I Play. I change.

I get the most out of what you have.

I love a chat.

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