Design is more than the way things look.

I am comfortable and confident in the design process, but I’m not an expert in what you do. You are.

I approach with naivety and intrigue. Ask simple questions and avoid assumptions. Then get to work.

Design is my craft

Ask simple questions

Key questions to start the conversation.

I keep things simple at first by asking the 6 w’s – Who? What? When? Where? Why? And How?

These are the key questions I ask all my clients, but I’m a process designer and believe the order of things is key. So I changed it round a bit…

What – do you want to achieve?

Why – do you want to achieve it?

Who – is it for? Who are the key people involved?

Where – is it going to be used?

When – do you need it?

How – are we going to achieve it?

I love a chat.

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Good design saves time

Take the time to design things well. Save that time for each user and customer.

Process Design

  • Make it Lean – cut the fat.
  • Increase understanding and confidence.
  • Increase first time resolution.

I removed troubleshooting for 1 in 4 customers.

Service and Business Design

  • Automate wherever possible.
  • Get customers what they want on the first touch.
  • Reduce your workload.

I brought the revenue stream forward by 2 years.

Content Design

  • Reduce your word count by up to half.
  • Use Plain English and increase understanding.
  • Size it. Prove it. Deliver it.

I trained 24 team mates to do this and reduced copy by a third across the estate.

Test everything

  • Ensure success with User Acceptance Testing.
  • QA your ongoing improvements.
  • Deliver quality and guarantee it.

We tested 26k clicks and resolved over 2.5k defects prelaunch.

Discover the potential of your systems

I experiment and push systems to their limits. I seek out every possible benefit.

Site search.

Refine site search and give your users what they need at the top.

Find out what’s wrong with your search. Or build it from scratch.

Improve findability, usability and readability at the same time.

Test the quality of your search tool. Improve it and demonstrate it.

Craft simplicity

Our Approach.

The ‘Ables’ of Design.

I’m not Aesop but I do create and write. I love Fables, but am guided by my design ‘Ables’.

My three pillars of good process, service and content design:

Findability: When you can find it, you can begin.

Usability: When it’s usable and followable, it functions efficiently.

Readability: When it’s readable it is understood.

This saves time and creates consistency and confidence in you, your business, your end users, and your customers.

I love a chat.

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form… follows function, and this is the law.

Louis Sullivan