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Standing on the edge of a snowy outcrop, looking out over distant mountains. The caption reads
Surviving as a Freelancer – One Essential Tactic
Tactics for surviving as a freelancer are everywhere and I bet some of it is probably helpful. However, the essential component of freelancing is you. You’re the engine, inspiration and resource for everything you do.
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32 Retro Color Swatches from the 60s and 70s
32 Authentic 60s 70s Swatches
I really love the names for the different swatches. It feels like a little window back in time, with “Peace & Love”, “Draft Card”, “Pop Art”, “Apollo White” and “Moon Landing”, to name a few.
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SEO Transition Words grouped by use
SEO Transition Words Finder
SEO Transition words improve your sentence structure and better connect ideas. This improves readability, engagement and ranking. Learn more here.
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“A line has two sides” – Oblique Strategies with Negative Space
Oblique strategies with negative space is a sideways mental shove to give a course correction to your creative thinking, with some great examples and inspiration.
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Critical Design Skills for 2020 and beyond - A blog post by Design Advocate on the importance of cross-functional skills
Critical Design Skills for 2020 and beyond
An in depth look at what designers are saying are the most critical skills in design as they look forward. There's some things that are as expected but also some positive personal inspiration for embracing a new approach to upskilling.
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Vader crushing it on my portfolio sample for a Christmas T-Shirt jumper design by Design Advocate
Christmas T-Shirt Jumper Designs
This is a twist on the classic Christmas jumper that has become such a tradition lately. A simple yet ingenious template makes creating these a piece of cake. Christmas - of course.
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Design Advocate How To Guide - Making a christmas jumper design for T-Shirt printing
How To – Christmas Jumper T-Shirt using Illustrator and Photoshop
Enjoy a detailed walkthrough of the process for creating a jumper stitch pattern for any image that you can save as .png with transparency and upload to a T-shirt printing site.
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Digital and Print Branding Essentials Portfolio Sample showing Design Advocate on mobile, tablet and business card and stationery.
Essential Branding Elements
Tying digital and print is an important issue for many but so is getting a consistent and positive user experience of your brand across a variety of media.
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A Business Card for Every Occasion - A look behind the template. Created by Design Advocate.
A Business Card for Every Occasion
A physical object handed personally communicates something more than just the contact information – it communicates something of the value you place in your brand.
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