32 Authentic 60s 70s Swatches

Authentic 60s 70s swatches are a bit more difficult to come by, in contrast there’s plenty of modern retro versions. I was interested in trying to see what actual colors were being used at the time and I’ve come up with this groovy set of 32 almost authentic colour swatches.

32 Retro Color Swatches from the 60s and 70s
Groovy Gold, Time Honoured, War Weary but New Wave, Earth Day, World Peace too!

Thanks to the California Paint Company which has used archival material to recreate vintage paint colors for modern use. You see, I said getting the authentic swatches was difficult. Reading a retrorenovations.com post it seems they went to a lot of trouble to try to be as authentic as possible.

Retro Names

The other thing I really love about this swatch set are the names for the different colors. It feels like a little window back in time, with “Peace & Love”, “Draft Card”, “Pop Art”, “Apollo White” and “Moon Landing”, to name a few.

Style It Out

Inspired by a tutorial post I saw from spoongraphics I created this stripy “Style It Out” image in Illustrator using a selection of the California Paint Co’s colors.

Style It Out Graphic in a 70s retro style
The grungy T-shirt distressing makes this work even better

The swatches in use are shown below.

The palette used for the Style It Out graphic
That’s so counter cultural

Producing the graphic was pretty straightforward using outline text, offset path and blends to create the 3-d stripy effect. I used the font ‘Lily Script One’ which is a free font from google fonts with a few embellishments to get the swoosh and some letters to join more smoothly. You can see what modifications I made below.

Style it out text in font lily script one, before and after embellishments
Still obviously the same font, but I’ve styled it out.

Download 32 Authentic 60s 70s Swatches

So there you have, 32 authentic 60s 70s retro swatches for your personal inspirational earth day. If you’d like the Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) file you can download it below, each color is named and if you just wanted a hex code they are listed below.

Swatch Name Hex Code
Age of Youth #e9bc7f
Aluminium Blue #bed0da
Apollo White #eee7d6
Cassablanca #f2dfbf
Construction Boom #8fa4ba
Counter Culture #b25641
Draft Card #ecd8be
Earth Day #a5a46e
Free Time #b3d4d3
Graphic #55466c
Green Leisure #cee0c7
Groovy Gold #dbb56a
Industrial Steel #8e9fb0
Jukebox #c4c083
Moon Landing #608db0
Mystique #cd6f4a
New Wave #ee772e
New World #809da2
Peace & Love #fcc53c
Peace Core #e3e1bc
Peach Preference #f4d297
Peyton Place #a2a791
Pop Art #ecfeb3
Post Modern #90c1b8
Skyscraper #cae0e8
Soft Rock #e8dcc7
Summer Haze #f6efc5
Time Honoured #d4ddc9
University Square #baa798
Urban Prosperity #f5e693
War Weary #b5ada0
World Peace #0f412d

Since I’m providing hex codes these are obviously in the RGB color space and as such are at their best in RGB. Converting them to CMYK inevitably causes some color shift and a lack of vibrancy as the CMYK colour space is more limited than RGB.

32 Retro Color Swatches from the 60s and 70s
Groovy Gold, Time Honoured, War Weary but New Wave, Earth Day, World Peace too!

As always, sharing is caring and I’d love to hear your thoughts and reflections. Till next time.

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